Digital Euro Podcast

The DEA Podcast was brought to life by The Digital Euro Association and deals with the programmable, digital Euro.

The Digital Euro Association is dedicated to educating people about the advantages of the tokenization of money. In addition to that, we also wants to assist in solving the immense challenge the eurozone with its 19 member states and many different parties faces and create an innovative and open environment for digital tokenized money. It is our strong belief that through shared knowledge and meaningful collaboration among the members of the DEA community, who have backgrounds in a wide range of industries, a significant contribution to the development of the digital euro can be created.

On the basis of this interdisciplinarity, it is possible to develop solutions jointly and, under consideration of all interests, to formulate the necessary requirements for politics and the financial sector. In this way, the DEA hopes to offer every citizen, entrepreneur, (central) banker, and politician a platform that helps to understand the enormous impact of the digitization of money on the economy and to define design principles of the digital euro.